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Kind Hands Bodywork
The Trager® Approach
Swedish massage uses light to medium pressure to promote circulation, reduce muscle tension and bring overall relaxation to body and mind. Full body or specific focus areas.
   30min - $45        60min - $80        90min - $110
Swedish Massage
Trager is a wonderful and relaxing form of work focusing on what could be "freer", "lighter" or "easier". It uses gentle rocking, pulling and "weighing" of the body to explore movement and open new places of awareness and ease. 
Connective Tissue/Trigger Point Therapy
Slow deep pressure is used to warm and free up the connective tissue in specific areas. Trigger Point Therapy is used in partnership to address specific "knots" and reduce referral pain.
Prenatal Massage
Helps to normalize swelling in extremities, address aches and pains of pregnancy and reduce overall stress. (Available in 60 and 90 minute sessions only)
75min - $80         1hr/45min - $110

Massage Therapy
Professional portrait and massage photos by Lea Sophie Foto
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